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DAAT coordinators offer assistance and guidance based on Torah and Chassidut in halachic, motivational and family matters to rabbis, leaders and to individuals. The rabbis at DAAT provide answers that appear on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Fill in the attached questionnaire and you will receive an answer by email as soon as possible.

This site presents Judaism according to Chassidut and Kabala. It covers an extensive array of topics, including education and marital harmony, for example.

Bringing down abundance

Hi! Can one calculate where the shefa is coming from with their name so they know how to address it? Thank you!

Prayer for a job

is there a prayer for finding a job? I have been looking but so far didn’t get a response. Thank you!

Depictions of G-d.

: I have heard that Islam does not allow (don’t know if this is true) depictions of God. Christians do not have this restriction. I don’t know of anything in Judaism that restricts

Pesach Sheni and Teshuvah

If pesach sheni is a day of repentance, why aren’t we allowed to say vidduy in shema al hamita/ other forms of vidduy throughout the

Burial in Jerusalem

Rabbi: I visited Israel for two weeks in 1993 and two weeks in 1999. I have a question about archaeology in the State of Israel.

Obliterating a nation

For several years now I have been trying to find information about a story of Moses sending his army to obliterate a civilization. His explicit

Sacrifice for head covering

I started covering my hair with a mitpachat after my wedding day, but within a year’s time, I began suffering from noticeable hair loss and

G-d – are you there?

Hi, How can one get an answer from Hashem? I mean a real answer. I mean beyond faith, beyond t’feelah. Some kind of a sign

Planks for the Mishkan

How were the acacia boards for the mishkan obtained? The dimensions in Exodus 26 seem to say 15 ft tall and 27 inches wide. I

Who is for the Jews?

What societies or groups of people throughout history have allied themselves or been friends with the Jews?

Voodoo or not to do?

Hi, I am being stalked by some sort of Voodoo or Satanist person who finds enjoyment and pleasure out of stealing from my home, prank

Brit Milah and Conversion

If I a sincere conversion candidate cannont get a bris Milan for medical reasons can the conversion still occur ?

visiting a kever

Hello! If someone has a relative who has been deceased for many years, is it permissible for a descendant to pray by their grave? Is

schach on wooden slabs

Hello Rabbis, my wife and I are planning in advance on making a Succah on a small balcony in the apartment we’re living in. Question:

Microblading and Halacha

Hi Rabbi, Just wondering what the halacha is regarding microblading. It’s a semi permanent tattoo of sorts for making eyebrows more defined. Very popular now.

25th Anniversary

Dear Rabbi, We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next year with a full traditional wedding and reception. Is it acceptable for me (the bride)

Jewish name?

My name is “Matthew” I was born and rise Jewish but my parents are not even as religious as i’am and I’m the most religious

Who killed who?

Rabbi….. I am continually faced with this statement from Christians in my community. That “Jews Killed Jesus”. Regardless as to my response, nothing seems to

Converting my child

Hello, I hope this finds you well. My name is Tiara and I’ve been thinking about Converting to Judaism for a while now. I’ve been

Name quandary

Hello! I’m having a baby girl in a few months and we’re deciding on an English name. The Hebrew name is decided and will be


I’ve been studying the word “atonement” and I see that it has been around for roughly 500 years. How has the word affected the understanding

Torah for Non-Jews

Hi Rabbi, There seems to be some disagreement about whether non-Jews can read Torah/Talmud. What do you think? Thanks Tal

opening a letter

Hi Rabbi, Thank you so much for your patience and for the suggestions and information you gave here. I’ve never heard of the ‘opening a

Health, physical and spiritual

Hello Rabbi, It has become my understanding that all things physical are manifestations of things spiritual, and that ailments that plague us are symptoms of

Helping my Jewish friend

Hi there, it’s my friend Jody’s birthday. She’s been single for some time now and though I am not Jewish, I know she intends to

To change or not to change?

I recently found out I’m Sephardic Jewish by a great grandmother from Italy. I left the Catholic faith because ice become disenchanted by it. Is

Cohen marrying a convert

Hello, I am passing on a question from a friend. My friend just found out that when she was five she converted to judaism. She

Sports career and Judaism

Hello! My husband and I are repatriates. We are living in Israel and planning to convert to Judaism. My husband represents Israel at international sporting (darts) events  in Europe,

mitzvot what to keep

Shalom! Is there a list of postulates in Judaism? I know about Tarjag Mitsvot and that every Jew should do all of them. But in our time it is

The Broken Tablets

If, as the Jewish Federation states, that the Pentateuch (?) says Moses was so appalled by the people as he came down from Mt Sinai


Hello! I recently heard a little about “chibut hakever” and I have some questions: Are there really sins that can ONLY be fixed through this,

Calling the sick on Shabbat

My question is Is it okay to wish a non-messianic individual a happy new year? Is it okay to call someone sick on the sabbath

מוקדש לרפואת והצלחת

מאיר אוריאל בן עידית

סדרת הספרים החדשה

שאל את הרב

Depictions of G-d.

: I have heard that Islam does not allow (don’t know if this is true) depictions

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