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Judaism in the light of Kabala and Chassidus

DAAT coordinators offer assistance and guidance based on Torah and Chassidut in halachic, motivational and family matters to rabbis, leaders and to individuals. The rabbis at DAAT provide answers that appear on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Fill in the attached questionnaire and you will receive an answer by email as soon as possible.


This site presents Judaism according to Chassidut and Kabala. It covers an extensive array of topics, including education and marital harmony, for example.

כדאי רבי שמעון לסמוך עליו בשעת הדחק.

מה הביאור בהמימרא ׳כדאי רבי שמעון לסמוך עליו בשעת הדחק׳. הפשטות הוא שיכול לפסוק כשיטתו אם הוא שעת הדחק

איך עושים סעודת משיח בקביעות שנה זו ששביעי של פסח חל בשבת?

איך עושים סעודת משיח בקביעות שנה זו ששביעי של פסח חל בשבת?

Gentile at the Seder

We have a relative who married a non-Jewish women. They want to came for the “seder”. What should we do?

Mitzvos without rhyme or reason

Shalom & Greetings, I wanted to ask why we are commanded to perform mitzvos which have no rhyme or reason, for the superiority of man is that one has the ability to think and to comprehend. So why not have

Meaning of double Adar

‏I would love to know what is the spiritual meaning for having two “Adar” cycles that are 60 days, instead of 30?

‏How do we observe Purim Katan?

‏Are there any traditional ceremonies or mitzvot that are related to Purim that we also perform on Purim Katan in Adar I?

מדוע לא מסתפרים בר”ח?

מדוע לא מסתפקים בר”ח?

קשר עם ההורים

מאוד הייתי רוצה לדעת להסביר לילד בגיל ההתבגרות מדוע חשוב להיות בקשר עם ההורים, אך כיוון שהוא לומד תורה במוסד דתי הוא לא מוכן לקבל את זה. איך עליי לנהוג? והאם יש באמת לכך הסבר על פי התורה?

לא ליפול להרגלים

איך מיישמים את תובנות התורה בחיי היום יום. הכוונה היא: שלעיתים אנו עסוקים מאד ולחוצים ונאלצים להתמודד בסיטואציות של ביקשנו – מהי הדרך לעצור ולזכור שיש אופציה קלה יותר להתמודדות בלי ליפול להרגלים ישנים של עצבים , חוסר סבלנות וכו

ללמד גויים תורה

האם מותר ללמד גויים שמעוניינים לדעת תורה?

Significance of dreams

I have a friend who’s husband just passed away a few days ago. In the past few months I dreamed three dreams about her, each with a similar message. In the dream I went to Israel and looked for her

שמן זית על זיתים

מה הסיבה שנוהגים לשים שמן זית על זיתים?

זמן הדלקת נרות

אם בעירי נהוג להדליק נרות חצי שעה לפני השקיעה. איך עליי לנהוג במקום בו מדליקים רק 18 דקות לפני שבת?

אמירת שנה טובה לגוי

האם מותר לומר לגוי שנה טובה לרגל ראש השנה שלהם?

Child as tenth in a minyan

Is it the practice in Chabad to use a child as the tenth person for a minyan if he holds a sefer (holy book)?

Lighting a cigarette from a yahrzeit candle

Is it permissible to light a cigarette from a yahrzeit candle that has been lit to commemorate a yahrzeit (anniversary of the death of a Jew)?

Spiritual aids for fertility

I have been trying for a very long time to conceive, and unfortunately have not succeeded. Do you have any advice based on Torah teachings?

Girl lighting Chanukah candles

Shalom Rabbi, I have a question concerning my daughter, who’s eight years old and wants to light a Menorah for Chanukah like her brother. Is it permitted to let her light the Chanukah candles? If not, how can I her

Age for lighting Chanukah candles

From which age is a boy allowed to light Chanukah candles, and at which age should he begin if he has not done so already?

Shalom RabbiIf we want to have a ‘Sheva Brachot’ but there is no wine to be reached now, is it permitted to say the bllesings without wine (6 Brachot) or maybe say the seventh bllesing on beire or vodka ?

Shalom Rabbi If we want to have a ‘Sheva Brachot’ but there is no wine to be reached now, is it permitted to say the bllesings without wine (6 Brachot) or maybe say the seventh bllesing on beire or vodka

Dedications in secular languages

Is it the correct practice to inscribe names of donors in languages other than Hebrew?

Clowning about idol worship

There is a person in our community who constantly ‘clowns’ about people. Is there any halachic solution for this kind of person?

Drying hands with a machine

Is there any problem with drying one’s hands by use of a machine after ritual handwashing?

Age for orphans

Until what age is a person considered an orphan, in terms of the laws relating to being careful not to cause him/her pain, etc.?

Secular date

Is there a problem in writing the secular date at the top of a page?

Counting Jews

Is there a problem with counting Jews according to number, e.g., one, two, three, etc.?

Using “On my life” as an expression

Is there a problem in exclaiming “On my life”? I was told that this may be like swearing.

Abundance of water for handwashing

Is there any basis for pouring water on one’s hands more than three times on each hand during ritual handwashing, in order to arouse abundance from Heaven?

Converting a church into a synagogue

We have been offered a property to use as a synagogue, but there is a great possibility that the place served in the past as a place of ‘worship’ for Christians. Is it permissible to use the property?

Eating and drinking while standing

Is there a problem in eating while standing?