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DAAT coordinators offer assistance and guidance based on Torah and Chassidut in halachic, motivational and family matters to rabbis, leaders and to individuals. The rabbis at DAAT provide answers that appear on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Fill in the attached questionnaire and you will receive an answer by email as soon as possible. We recommend that within the next few days you check your spam mail, the answer may have arrived or maybe will arrive there.

This site presents Judaism according to Chassidut and Kabala. It covers an extensive array of topics, including education and marital harmony, for example.

Are there degrees of treif?

Shalom, A questions about Treyf, are there degrees of treyf? Is one worse then another? And where is it answered? Thanks in advance.

 Queens and Hakhel ceremonies

I am wondering if it is plausible that Shlomtzion HaMalkah might have performed the Hakhel ceremony. During her 9-year reign (76-67 BCE), there would have


WHEN ROSH CHODESH falls ON a shabbos ,,as is the case last Friday night/Saturday…today…should the benching for Rosh Chodesh be on this Shabbos ie today

Selfie or not to selfie?

Can I take a picture of myself. Why did most Jews and Great Rabbanim not let pictures of them taken esspecially in the 1900s. Was

Minyan or Music

I am over Bar Mitzvah and value davening with a minyan. I play a couple of musical instruments because my parents want me to. I

Cutting down fruit trees

Recently a property i work at was acquired by Jewish owners. There is some concern about cutting any fruit trees down on the property. I

Purpose of Man

What is the purpose of man Why did G-d create man what is he supposed to do ?

Two or one or two in one?

IM an Ovol, saying kaddish during the 11 months for my Father zl I have a local kehilla which often misses getting a minyan ,

Is contradiction a bad thing?

Rashi, in his commentary on the tenach, says that Isaiah 53 is about the people of Israel, but in his commentary on the Talmud says

Generations of Mamzerut

Shalom, On the topic of mamzerim assimilating into the general Jewish community, has it ever been discussed as to the specific number of generations that


Hi Rabbi, Many people are given self-awareness so we have some idea of our strengths and weaknesses and we can usually identify when we fall

Ill and feeling alone

i have been ill 35 years ihave not had solid food for 30 years due to this neuro illness im alone since my parents died

Vessels For Blessings

our daughter (Dvorah bat rachel) has developed many health issues in the past year. We just had our mezuzot checked in March, but her health

Someone’s bugging me

Hi! There is someone in my life, close to me, that I have to be around a lot. But most of the times we are

Imprisoned in a hostile country

Imagine a Jew imprisoned in a hostile country, but granted by the authorities one day a year out of jail to express his Jewish identity.

Potential conversion

Hu, I’m a potential candidate for conversion, I have been studying and keeping some of the mitzvot for 3 years and my question is: How

Destroying the world

The Torah seems to be very specific about the promise never to destroy the Earth again by a flood. The Torah is very specific on

Am I a lost cause?

I heard (I’m not sure of source- maybe Chafetz Chayim?), that if one says premeditated lashon hara, they lose their olam haba. I’ve definitely said

Shabbat candles and intentions

Hi! I heard that a wife has to accept her husband’s and sons’ torah and mitzvot before she lights shabbat candles, and that if she

Loss of Something Dear

How do I mourn the loss of my parrot who has been with me for 32 years? We were on a two-week trip. He got

Microblading eyebrows

HI I would like to know if either microblading and/or ephemeral tattos are allowed halachically since they are both not permanent. Ephermal tattos can be

Kabbala and me

Rabbi, Is it OK to follow Kabbalah traditions, does that violate any Bibilical laws, are they belong to true Jewish path, Is it Ok to

The binding of Isaac

Hello, I am struggling to answer questions my daughter has of Abraham and Isaac on Moriah. How do I go about this?

Exodus 13:7

shmot 13:7 it says ולא יראה לך What does this LITERALLY mean? Does it mean chametz should not be “seen” with you? If not, what

Teshuvah on Shabbat

Hello! There was a discussion about whether or not we are allowed to make teshuva and repent on shabbat. One side said No, we are

Overcoming temper

Hello, Do you know a good mussar book in english for someone to overcome a temper? Other than “Remove Anger from Your Heart” by Rabbi

Jewish Grandfather

Hello Rabbi! It was recently conformed that my Grandfather was Jewish, which he hid after fleeing Europe during ww2. I’m conflicted in Whether to try

Pasuk for Leah

if my name is leah what is my passuk fof the end of shmona esrei?

Pieces of HaShem

My six year old asks, “”How does Hashem take a piece of Himself to put in our neshamas and still have Himself?”

Star of David and Jewishness

Shalom. I hope that all is well with you. I have been in the process of converting to Judaism for around 8 months(including the months


Tell me please how in Idish floor thank you

Who blesses who?

Good day, Here is my question: What does it mean to: “Bless The LORD?” And how do we do that? Thank you In advance Rick

מוקדש לרפואת והצלחת

מאיר אוריאל בן עידית

שאל את הרב


WHEN ROSH CHODESH falls ON a shabbos ,,as is the