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DAAT coordinators offer assistance and guidance based on Torah and Chassidut in halachic, motivational and family matters to rabbis, leaders and to individuals. The rabbis at DAAT provide answers that appear on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Fill in the attached questionnaire and you will receive an answer by email as soon as possible. We recommend that within the next few days you check your spam mail, the answer may have arrived or maybe will arrive there.

This site presents Judaism according to Chassidut and Kabala. It covers an extensive array of topics, including education and marital harmony, for example.

Frustrated and aggravated

Hi Rabbi, Lately I’ve been noticing that the list of people who annoy and aggravate me daily is growing. This is concerning me, and is

Belated funeral

I have a Russian Jewish friend who’s wife passed away last Thursday. 5 days ago. We live in a small community without a rabbi. My

Parental abuse

I’m a councilor and one if my clients 18 yrs old is broken because her father smacks her and her older sister accross the face

When to study

I’ve been considering reading weekly Torah portions for the first time. Would it be better to start right away, or is it more proper to

Measure for Measure

when i do a sin do i get punished midah keneged midah? How does it work? I get very scared and worried whenever doing something

Seeing the prophesy

Good day, Can you please tell me what is the difference between a “Prophet” and a “Seer” David had Nathan as a Prophet, and Gad

Ritual hand washing

Daat I would like to know what is the meaning of washing your hands with that special jug, is it not more hygienic to wash

Angels, Satan and Job

Dear Rabbi. I need some answers to 2 questions that i cant answer. 1.Could you please tell me when the event of JOB (from the

Visions of the future

will God show us something like a future event to get us to move out of the way? I think he did that to me,

Healing in the Tabernacle

Where is there a place for healing in the atonement, of the tabernacle plan? How is healing paid for in the tabernacle plan? Thank u

Fathers and Elders

Hello & shalom. My name is Ben and my question is simple. Besides Abraham & Moses, what are the names of others that would considered

Hints in the book of Daniel

Twenty is written in Daniye’l 6:1 Ayin Shin Resh Yod Nun. 2021 is being declared as the year of the GOAT [sa iyr] he- goat

Clouds and fire- till when?

1.Did the Pillar of fire and the cloud follow the children of Israel into the promised land? 2. When did GOD remove them from the

The Royal Plural

In the old testament. God is quoted as saying “Let ‘US’ create man in ‘OUR’ image.” What is the meaning of this plural? Can you

Candle-lighting customs

My mother has the minhag to add one candle to the shabbos candles for the first child, but then an additional two candles for each

Abandoned possessions

My son’s office is moving. Everyone was told to remove all personal items by a certain date. This notice was repeated many times. The date

Family (dis)unity

Hello! Thank you for this opportunity. I have a situation with my family. My father is taking care of my grandmother, and they live together

Throwing out Hagar

I understand why Avraham and Sara did not want Yishmael around to influence Yitzchak but I don’t understand why they sent Hagar and her son

Post mortem relationships

My mother-in-law is in hospice. She has a daughter with whom she is long estranged. At a funeral service, should the estranged daughter be mentioned

Smoking and religion

I am interested in knowing why according to the Torah smoking is not prohibited if there is an order that health must be taken care

Lies in, lies out

I already asked this before. But there was something I forgot to include in my question. I’m asking it again with what I forgot to

Someone is angry with me…

Rabbi, I need your important help please, could you give me an advice? someone blocked my contact by all means of communication (email, whatsup etc)she’s

Freezing food on Shabbat

It is possible to freeze a soup on Shabath itself so as not to throw it away and put it in the freezer on Shabath,

Choosing a Jewish name

Hi my name is Michael and I was converting to Judisum and I’m trying to pick the Hebrew name most appropriate. I was born on

True love

If I had an experience with a guy where it was Mr. Right (you know when you know) how can I get him back after


My married daughter and I have been fighting b4 Rosh Hashanah and she’s said some horrible things to me. Do I initiate forgiveness b4 Yom

Why am I being punished?!

Dear Rabbi, Why does diabetes exist in spite of the fact that (1) no one sins before he/she is born to deserve being created with

Ancient Torah scrolls

I am in discussion with one Christian man regarding Psalms 96:10 10Say among the nations, “The Lord has reigned.” Also the inhabited world will be

Abortion inTorah sources

Several years ago I found some scriptures about abortion in the Old Testament (not the Torah), but have lost the locatilon. Seems it was a

Yetzer Hora – Evil inclination

: Is it true that there is a netsay hora? I am elderly and looking back on occasions I have been stopped from making the right decisions and things

Going to gehinom – or not!

Why do the chachamim explain the Torah in a way that makes Klal Yisrael judged more harshly than seemingly necessary. If we know that gehennom

Humor and how to keep it up

I read that humor is a big part of Jewish culture. How do you maintain that during low moments or when you feel unworthy of

Marriage to a non-Jew, or not?

Daat org : why is not possible to marry with a nice not Jewish guy? What’s the difference? Why to be racist? I appreciate your

Temperature on Shabbos

Am I allowed To visit a person in the hospital, a non-Jewish employee measures my temperature with a “gun.” Is this allowed on Shabbos?

Idol worship today?

Hashem made two of ten commandments about worshipping other than Him. He also repeatedly, through prophets, warns that in the End Times this idol/god worship

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When to study

I’ve been considering reading weekly Torah portions for the first

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