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Ask The Rabbi

נושא: Chassidut

פני משה כמו השמש

שלום, אשמח להבין מה זה שכתוב, שפני משה הם כמו פני השמש?

אהבה לכל אחד

כיצד ניתן להגיע לאהבה לכל אחד? אכניס התשובה. מנחם

שבירת הכלים

מה הענין בחסידות של שבירת הכלים של עולם התוהו אכניס התשובה. מנחם

התבוננות בפרשת “ואהבת”

אשמח לקבל הדרכה להתבוננות בפירוש על פי חסידות של הפסוק “ובשבתך בבית ובלכתך בדרך ובשכבך

Vessels For Blessings

our daughter (Dvorah bat rachel) has developed many health issues in the past year. We

Someone’s bugging me

Hi! There is someone in my life, close to me, that I have to be

Potential conversion

Hu, I’m a potential candidate for conversion, I have been studying and keeping some of

Destroying the world

The Torah seems to be very specific about the promise never to destroy the Earth

Am I a lost cause?

I heard (I’m not sure of source- maybe Chafetz Chayim?), that if one says premeditated

Shabbat at any stage

Hello, How does an older person (in their 90s) do teshuvah for violating shabbat? Are

Microblading eyebrows

HI I would like to know if either microblading and/or ephemeral tattos are allowed halachically

Kabbala and me

Rabbi, Is it OK to follow Kabbalah traditions, does that violate any Bibilical laws, are

Cheese on Matzah

Is it ok to put Cheese on Matzah during Passover?

The binding of Isaac

Hello, I am struggling to answer questions my daughter has of Abraham and Isaac on

Exodus 13:7

shmot 13:7 it says ולא יראה לך What does this LITERALLY mean? Does it mean