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Ask The Rabbi


Conversion – orthodox or other

The Rav Name:

My name is Aaron Koppel and I was born and raised Jewish in the conservative and orthodox movement. I am a 39 year old single father raising my 8 year old daughter by myself. I married and had a baby with someone that is not Jewish. I got divorced in 2019, and have been raising my daughter by myself for 3 years. I have sole custody of my daughter, Azaria Koppel, and I have been raising her Jewish. My daughter knows many of the prayers, works on Hebrew everyday, and has read from the torah. I want my daughter to be able to possibly make aliyah with me in the future, or marry someone orthodox. She goes to a private Jewish school called Chicago Jewish Day School. I want to have my daughter converted to Judaism. Would I be able to have her converted in an orthodox conversion? If so, what would be required of us to have her converted in an orthodox conversion? Or would I have to have her converted in a conservative conversion? I am also worried that because we are not walking distance to a synagogue we won’t be able to get an orthodox conversion. We live a few blocks from her school, but many miles to a synagogue.