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DAAT coordinators offer assistance and guidance based on Torah and Chassidut in halachic, motivational and family matters to rabbis, leaders and to individuals. The rabbis at DAAT provide answers that appear on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Fill in the attached questionnaire and you will receive an answer by email as soon as possible. We recommend that within the next few days you check your spam mail, the answer may have arrived or maybe will arrive there.

This site presents Judaism according to Chassidut and Kabala. It covers an extensive array of topics, including education and marital harmony, for example.

What is concept of heavenly fire

Can you explain the concept of heavenly fire, like that which consumed the sacrifices? Are we talking about a physical fire? Do we have any

Eating Meat during the 9 Days

The custom among the Jews of Jerusalem, as well as Ashkenazi Jews, is to stay away from meaty foods during the first 9 days of

Havdalah during the 9 Days

What is the procedure for havdala after Shabbat that falls during the 9 days, since it is forbidden to drink wine during those days?

Receiving funds from a questionable source Is it permissible to receive a monetary donation from a Jew who earned the money by gambling? Answer: It

Receiving funds from a Gentile May a Chabad House receive donations from a Gentile and use them for various purposes? Answer: 1) It is forbidden

Entering a church Is it permissible to enter an ancient church on a tour in order to observe ancient works of art, etc.? Answer: It

Setting up a synagogue in a structure that was used as a church Is it permissible to purchase a structure that was used as a

Converting a minor in an orthodox family If a minor was converted by a Beis Din (court of law run by qualified Jewish judges of

Kashering a granite surface If a person is beginning to keep Kashrut and wishes to make his kitchen kosher, can he kasher the granite kitchen

Eating Etrog from the Mitzvah campaign During the course of the Mitzvah campaign for making a blessing on an Etrog, (Citron), the fruit was touched

Carrying an aquarium on Rosh Hashana Before Rosh Hashana the gabbai purchased a small plastic aquarium for the synagogue, with a few fish for the

Blowing Shofar in an unclean place Is it permissible to blow the Shofar in a prison where there is excrement and urine? Also, is it

Amount of Shofar blasts to be blown on Mitzva campaign There are Shlichim who blow the Shofar on Rosh Hashana in hospitals, old age homes,

27. Using a hot Mikveh on Shabbat It is a Chassidic custom to dip in a Mikveh (ritual bath) on Shabbat in the morning before

Task performed by a Gentile in a hotel on Shabbat If a Shaliach is living in a hotel owned by a Gentile, and the hotel

Electronic gate on Shabbat Is it permissible to go in and out of a Chabad House on Shabbat through an electronic gate/door in a place

Lotteries at children’s Shabbat gatherings Is it permissible to have lotteries at children’s Shabbat gatherings? Answer: It is permissible only by means of a book,

Sending electronic text messages on Shabbat (SMS). If a Shaliach has a network of automatic telephone messages to various international designations with options for hearing

A Gentile carrying a small child on Shabbat in a public area In a place where there is no Eiruv, is it permissible to ask

Taking waste out of a Carmelit on Shabbat Is it permissible for a Gentile to remove garbage from a Chabad House on Shabbat to a

Hiring a Gentile to perform tasks that are allowed on Shabbat. Is it permissible to hire a Gentile to perform tasks that are permissible on

Using a digital screen in synagogue on Shabbat Is it permissible to leave a digital screen in shul (synagogue) running on Shabbat and Holidays, or

Using an internet site on Shabbat. Answer: Access to to the website must be blocked on Shabbat and Holidays, not only according to local Shabbat

. A gentile fixing a lock on Shabbat. If a door or lock is broken or stuck on Shabbat, is it permissible to call a

A gentile warming up food on Shabbat. If a Shaliach forgot to connect the hotplate to the electricity before Shabbat and all the food for

Kiddush at a communal meal. When men and women are having a communal Shabbat meal in two adjoining rooms, should Kiddush be made separately for

Placement of Shabbat candles for a public meal. When men and women are having a communal Shabbat meal in a hall or a shul (synagogue),

. Additional Shabbat candle for a woman who returned to performance of Mitzvot Is it necessary for a woman who began to keep Torah and

How to change a name: When a man or a woman comes to a Chabad House wanting to change his or her name, or wanting

Going up to the Torah before a Bar Mitzvah: Sometimes for various reasons parents of a Bar Mitzvah boy wish to have the boy go

The Baal Kore (person leading the prayers) during the Aliyah of the sections of rebuke in the Torah: If a Shaliach is the only Baal

Reading the Haftarah without Ta’amim (cantillation notes): May a person be called up for Maftir if he has a chiuv (obligation to be called up)

Saying Mi sheBerach for a sick person during the Reading of the Torah: What category of ‘sick’ person is included in the Mi sheBerach prayer

The direction the lectern faces during the reading of the Torah: When the Torah is read in a place which is not designated for prayer,

Praying the Amidah (Shemonah Esre) prayer in an audible voice A Shaliach has a synagogue on only 10 elderly men who don’t know how to

Praying the evening prayer (Maariv, or Arvit) before the obligatory time: lf a Shaliach lives in a place where the minyan (prayer quorum of at

4. A knot that didn’t touch the Tefillin: When someone puts on Tefillin of the arm and the yud isn’t touching the bayit , does

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