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מצה שרויה

שלום וברכה, ראיתי בבית חב”ד שמקפידים מאוד שלא יהיה שרויה במצות. אשמח להבין את המנהג

Meaning of double Adar

‏I would love to know what is the spiritual meaning for having two “Adar” cycles

Guests on Rosh Hashanah

Shalom Da’at Institute Rabbis, I enjoyed hearing the classes on your website a lot. I

Shofar by telephone

Shalom & Greetings, It’s difficult for me to go to synagogue on Rosh HaShanah. My

Afraid to build a sukkah

Shalom Da’at Institute Rabbis, We are afraid to build a sukkah by our house because

Not decorating the Sukkah

Shalom & Greetings,  I wanted to know what is the reason that in Chabad it’s

Sewing during the 9 Days

During the first nine days of Av, girls in summer camps are sometimes given embroidery