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Jew, Non-Jew, or Apostate

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Hi, i’m curious about what sources after the talmud make a thing not apply in the talmud..
the thing that’s a bit crazy in avodah zara, about how a jewish apostate is dealt with
the thing is in the rambam as well.. about if somebody is a jewish apostate and they fall down a pit then take away the ladder!
probably the craziest statement in the rambam mishneh torah here it is…hat-is-about-a-jewish-apostate

so avodah zara 26b, and Mishneh Torah Rotzeach uShmirat Nefesh 4:10,…hmirat-Nefesh-Chapter-Four.htm
for the RAMBAM laws of murderers and the protection of life 4:10
I think that one it finds its way not just to the mishneh torah but even to the shulchan aruch.. but i think i once ran into the idea that at least for jewish apostates, it’s described as inapplicable by the chazon ish.. though not sure if the chazon ish covers the one about not saving a gentile.. The law is crazier against apostate jews than against gentiles!
There’s another crazy thing I want to ask you about though, not as obscure. so maybe easiest to answer..
i’ve never heard an answer on it though..
there’s a line in the talmud about if a gentile studies torah not relating to the sheva mitzvot, then they are liable for the death penalty.
Now, in the case of jews being liable for the death penalty that’d be by jewish courts and there’s all sorts of protections put in there e.g. the 70 year rule and the witnesses and the temple and sanhedrin and so on.
But one of the noachide laws is to set up courts.. and those probably don’t have all those protections built in there.. So, what do we do with that line?!
do you know the line I mean?
about the death penalty to non jews that study the parts of the torah not related to the noachide laws?

sanhedrin 59a i think.. it seems to say that a gentile that studies torah is liable for the death penalty. Then it says a gentile that studies torah is like a high priest.. then it seems to reconcile the two by saying that the line about the high priest is referring to the torah pertaining to the 7 noachide laws. Well, the implication of that is that if they study the torah not related to the 7 noachide laws, then the first rule applies, i.e. they are liable for the death penalty