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How can we identify if the person reacts from a Tohu consciosness?

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Characteristics of Tohu Consciousness: These express the animal soul, as reflected in a consciousness of yeshut. Included in this are mental attributes and processes that lead to shevirah (breakage): (1) it expresses the “external dimension” of the psyche; (2) it entails the projection of powerful emotions that dominate the intellect; (3) it leads to extremism; (4) subjective; (5) unrealistic (unable to acknowledge facts); (6) processes are accompanied by negative emotions; (7) ) “too many lights in too few vessels”; (8) there is a sense of futility in one’s efforts, or, alternatively, an illusory sense of success; (9) a blurred distinction between good and bad, and (10) a fixation on one particular path or mode of behavior.