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Ask The Rabbi

category:  Chassidut

גיל לימוד האותיות

The Rav Name: Rabbi Yitzchak Arad

שאלה: לפי שיטת חב”ד מתי ילד קטן צריך להתחיל ללמדו את האותיות

Shalom and thank you for your question!

It’s very nice of you to be concerned about helping your friend find a suitable marriage partner.

Since as you write, she is Jewish, a sure-fire way to get to know a potential Jewish husband, is for her to be in an environment where there are lots of Jews. This is one of the reasons in fact, that in almost any area, she should be able to find a Chabad house close enough to go and visit sometimes. It’s possible to attend zoom classes on line and get to know people in that manner. When there’s no lock down, she can attend Shabbat services, meals, get- togethers, or a combination of the above.

A positive ‘side effect’ will be finding out more about her heritage.

On the topic of heritage, have you heard of the seven Noahide laws?

You probably know the Bible story about the great flood. The generation had become so wicked, that G-d wanted to destroy them, leaving only the righteous Noah and his family. When the waters receded and Noah was able to leave the ark and go on to dry land, G-d made a covenant with him. This covenant formed the basis for human morality. The laws include the prohibitions against killing and stealing, eating flesh torn off a live animal, not committing idolatry or adultery, and setting up courts of justice.

There are actually many details of these laws, and the Chabad house can help you also find out more.

It is wonderful to hear from people who take initiative to help the next person.

Wishing your friend much success, and you also, in all your endeavors…